John B and I have to share Cheater, which violates “consensus wisdom” (oxymoron) re proper female behavior, and which envisions her future reward (as depicted here) after Washington DC prayer breakfast hypocrites are all raptured. Fortunately, ensoulment never took place after our girl was conceived and she therefore gets to go back to where Epicurus and other smart people went when they croaked. Nowhere. Atomized. Gone. It has to be nowhere for everyone if one is to believe in the universal dream chiseled into so many tombstone epitaphs: R.I.P. — “Rest In Peace” — which beats the painfully boring eternity of Heaven for anyone with a functioning brain. PS: I think the brown dog in the image above is a male chewing on Eve, and the white dog a female. Note that Adam has a sun-tan. Eve must have been a modest girl even before The Fall! (She must have heard about what happened to her predecessor, Lilith). I digress. We love our girl, but Cheater didn’t choose to be Cheater. She just happened to turn out special. Consider the Somalian. Did any one of them choose?

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aka "Mo'hammer" — no TV interviews, no book signings, no fawning to publishers. Like Elmore Leonard, "I leave out the parts readers would skip."
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  1. As for doing nothing to promote his pulp-fiction page-turning dramas (novels), Aalborg quotes Elena Ferrante: “I believe that books, once they are written, have no more need of their authors.”

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