RAMPARTS Magazine Cover — October 1967


Do the walpolloi bake cookies for the troops? No, they slap a yellow-ribbon sticker on the back of the family vehicle and then proceed with shopping. Pet sweaters, junk food, and other dreary crap as usual.

John Aalborg has an exciting personal history, which is the fuel for the never-boring characters in his novels. But sometimes he surprises even me. He is insisting I post some stuff I had dumpstered long ago re the Vietnam years, and which he had saved without my knowledge all this time. “Has anything changed?” he insists. Well, they didn’t have magnetic bumper stickers back then with “Support our Troops” to stick onto comfortable cars.

Flip-side of RAMPARTS Cover

Flip-side of RAMPARTS Cover

I have known Aalborg since the “Cultural Revolution” — roughly1965-1975 — and dreamers would call it a miracle how he avoided jail or the discovery of his location all this time. Miami during those earlier days was still in a freedom state: interracial couples, people growing pot in their front yards and in outdoor window boxes, and pure LSD-25 (Sandoz or American made Owsley like “Berkley White” and “Purple Haze” passed around during rock concerts) while the USA government was obsessed with destroying communism and the socialist backings of Jesus. The so-called “Sixties” were heady, exciting, and a time of hope so powerful that all who were part of it at that time will never forget.

Flip-side Newsweek cover March 15, 1971


COVER - March 15, 1971

COVER – March 15, 1971



These particular women supporting our troops don’t look too happy. The Americans have killed their husbands, brothers, and fathers – in the millions. Personally, or with napalm, or with carpet bombing. Our American dead and missing come to some 60,000 – the usual inequity for a war which our government did not need to sacrifice our young people. The lying and the sacrificing of our troops on lost causes continues today. Waged now on credit.

FLIP-SIDE January 1 NEWSWEEK '68 Cover

FLIP-SIDE January 1, 1968 Cover

COVER - January 1, 1968

COVER – January 1, 1968

FLIP SIDE - Radial Tire power

FLIP SIDE – Radial Tire power

COVER April 12, 1971 ROAD KILL?

COVER April 12, 1971 ROAD KILL?

Flip-side of Nipples Page

Flip-side of Nipples Page



Flip-side cover April 28, 1975

Flip-side cover April 28, 1975

COVER - April 28, 1975

COVER – April 28, 1975

Ordinary ho-hum stuff early 70s

Graphic battlefield images with no extra click required

No shame: Prayers for injured children while carpet bombing

The war to kill socialism & the joy over dead communists

Blaming USA citizen drug use for foreign policy crimes

Some pluses of the early 70s:

No nipple-eraser sports bras!

No minimizing of the daily body counts of the “enemy”

Search warrants required for American citizens, with what is being searched for specified

The DEA still only a gleam in the eyes of control freaks

Mohammad not yet awarded undeserved respect. So why now? Duh

No sense losing any sleep over any of this, right?

Proof of Purchase

Proof of Purchase


Persons lacking empathy and reason can be happy to have been born an American, but none of us can be proud. How can one have pride over something one had nothing to do with? There is no drive-up window in the sky where a yet-to-be conceived un-born chooses parents while the couple is having, and possibly even enjoying, unprotected sex. You think you chose? Ask any Somalian. Be a good person. Quit waving flags. Think. Try spending some time getting the government to stop contributing to stupid wars and running up our national credit card debt over them.

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