Aalborg’s “Loudspeaker Safaris Ltd.”

A safari target

Seems the only free speech backed up by the Islamic faithful is the forcing of everyone to have to listen to those ridiculous call-to-prayer loudspeakers every day. 5 times a day! Hey, a real god hears your prayer the first time.

There are many big-game hunters out there who are no longer allowed to kill protected animals. Where has the fun and danger gone?! Wealthy hunters with balls need not fear because I have a replacement for them, and it includes the same, exciting foreign travel, danger, and exotic game. How about a start-up company like: “Call To Prayer Loudspeaker Safaris Ltd”. For an extra fee the mangled speakers are crated up and shipped to the successful hunter’s home for his/her trophy wall, along with an audio tape of the muezzin’s interrupted howl, the single gunshot smashing into each speaker mounting (hopefully embedded in concrete if you are a 50-cal shooter), and the crashing to earth of each unit (if more than one). Picture it! Hear it! Thank me later.

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aka "Mo'hammer" — no TV interviews, no book signings, no fawning to publishers. Like Elmore Leonard, "I leave out the parts readers would skip."
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