Allah’s Throne Sighted!

Scriptural AstronomyAalborg just dropped this off, to wit: Fuqua Din, a Sufi Arabian coed on a student visa and studying Astrolabia here in the USA at the Baptist Bible Institute, has new testimony to support the Islamic belief that Allah actually does sit on a throne. “People shouldn’t dis Muslims for thinking the Creator of Earth and all the universe is like a, well, you know, a king wearing a stupid crown and stuff.” Ms. Fuqua claims that when she was abducted by aliens recently, their scan of her brain revealed some religious doubts. Before she was returned to Earth, therefore, “with my virginity intact”, she was flown past Paradise. “There was almost a blinding halo around the pedestal thing the throne was bolted to, and I was given special glasses. I couldn’t make out Allah’s face, but His chair was definitely a throne, and it had plush, red upholstery.” Her dean at the B.B.I. has pronounced the experience to be genuine “…because I know this student intimately, and she would not have been able to make up the part about the special glasses.” Editor’s Note: More Middle-East headlines can be read in Chapter 8 of John Aalborg’s “Meditations — 666 Words”

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