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Who we are and why we are different.

Our Mission

An exposé of the reclusive writer John Aalborg, and an indictment against the middle-class obsession with  “unacceptable” 4-letter words while both the powerful and the underclass exercise full freedom of speech.  • Writer cave: Bleep-Free Press • Books and pulp-fiction … Continue reading

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John B and I have to share Cheater, which violates “consensus wisdom” (oxymoron) re proper female behavior, and which envisions her future reward (as depicted here) after Washington DC prayer breakfast hypocrites are all raptured. Fortunately, ensoulment never took place … Continue reading

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Cheater Adds Orwell to her PC Rant:

John B, our administrator LOL, and Aalborg’s #2 fan, left out “Middle Class Values” (barf!) in our Mission Statement. Anyway, here’s how the class system really works. At the bottom rung there are poor people who either can or cannot … Continue reading

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