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An exposé of the reclusive writer John Aalborg, and an indictment against the middle-class obsession with  “unacceptable” 4-letter words while both the powerful and the underclass exercise full freedom of speech.  • Writer cave: Bleep-Free Press • Books and pulp-fiction … Continue reading

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“SUPPORTING THE TROOPS” — Oh really?! Do the walpolloi bake cookies for the troops? No, they slap a yellow-ribbon sticker on the back of the family vehicle and then proceed with shopping. Pet sweaters, junk food, and other dreary crap … Continue reading

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Allah’s Throne Sighted!

Aalborg just dropped this off, to wit: Fuqua Din, a Sufi Arabian coed on a student visa and studying Astrolabia here in the USA at the Baptist Bible Institute, has new testimony to support the Islamic belief that Allah actually … Continue reading

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