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aka "Mo'hammer" — no TV interviews, no book signings, no fawning to publishers. Like Elmore Leonard, "I leave out the parts readers would skip."


The orphans of Higher Order Thought theories: HOP and “time“: The most neglected factor in explanations of the human theater of mind needs to be addressed to avoid HOT and similar discussions failing to satisfy or agree.

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Aalborg’s “Loudspeaker Safaris Ltd.”

Seems the only free speech backed up by the Islamic faithful is the forcing of everyone to have to listen to those ridiculous call-to-prayer loudspeakers every day. 5 times a day! Hey, a real god hears your prayer the first … Continue reading

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John B and I have to share Cheater, which violates “consensus wisdom” (oxymoron) re proper female behavior, and which envisions her future reward (as depicted here) after Washington DC prayer breakfast hypocrites are all raptured. Fortunately, ensoulment never took place … Continue reading

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