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An exposé of the reclusive writer John Aalborg, and an indictment against the middle-class obsession with  “unacceptable” 4-letter words while both the powerful and the underclass exercise full freedom of speech.  • Writer cave: Bleep-Free PressBooks and pulp-fiction crime novels (paperback or Kindle) •  Novels in all other eBook formatsCheater’s merciless posts on The Guardian-UK

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The orphans of Higher Order Thought theories: HOP and “time“:

The most neglected factor in explanations of the human theater of mind needs to be addressed to avoid HOT and similar discussions failing to satisfy or agree. Continue reading

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RAMPARTS Magazine Cover — October 1967


Do the walpolloi bake cookies for the troops? No, they slap a yellow-ribbon sticker on the back of the family vehicle and then proceed with shopping. Pet sweaters, junk food, and other dreary crap as usual.

John Aalborg has an exciting personal history, which is the fuel for the never-boring characters in his novels. But sometimes he surprises even me. He is insisting I post some stuff I had dumpstered long ago re the Vietnam years, and which he had saved without my knowledge all this time. “Has anything changed?” he insists. Well, they didn’t have magnetic bumper stickers back then with “Support our Troops” to stick onto comfortable cars. Continue reading

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Aalborg’s “Loudspeaker Safaris Ltd.”

A safari target

Seems the only free speech backed up by the Islamic faithful is the forcing of everyone to have to listen to those ridiculous call-to-prayer loudspeakers every day. 5 times a day! Hey, a real god hears your prayer the first time.

There are many big-game hunters out there who are no longer allowed to kill protected animals. Where has the fun and danger gone?! Wealthy hunters with balls need not fear because I have a replacement for them, and it includes the same, exciting foreign travel, danger, and exotic game. How about a start-up company like: “Call To Prayer Loudspeaker Safaris Ltd”. For an extra fee the mangled speakers are crated up and shipped to the successful hunter’s home for his/her trophy wall, along with an audio tape of the muezzin’s interrupted howl, the single gunshot smashing into each speaker mounting (hopefully embedded in concrete if you are a 50-cal shooter), and the crashing to earth of each unit (if more than one). Picture it! Hear it! Thank me later.

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The truth shall set you freeMore than half and maybe nearly all patients on dangerous and expensive anti-depressants would live happier lives on an inexpensive, opiate and barbiturate regimen instead. Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid would save billions and patients would not get sick or die from side-effects. But then how could the big pharmaceutical companies make big money? Oh well, let the people who don’t feel well eat cake, and stay drunk on non-prescription alcohol. Presidents and congress fat-cats who yap on and on about savings for government medical programs have never been serious about anything, anyway.

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Allah’s Throne Sighted!

Scriptural AstronomyAalborg just dropped this off, to wit: Fuqua Din, a Sufi Arabian coed on a student visa and studying Astrolabia here in the USA at the Baptist Bible Institute, has new testimony to support the Islamic belief that Allah actually does sit on a throne. “People shouldn’t dis Muslims for thinking the Creator of Earth and all the universe is like a, well, you know, a king wearing a stupid crown and stuff.” Continue reading

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John B and I have to share Cheater, which violates “consensus wisdom” (oxymoron) re proper female behavior, and which envisions her future reward (as depicted here) after Washington DC prayer breakfast hypocrites are all raptured. Fortunately, ensoulment never took place after our girl was conceived and she therefore gets to go back to where Epicurus and other smart people went when they croaked. Nowhere. Atomized. Gone. It has to be nowhere for everyone if one is to believe in the universal dream chiseled into so many tombstone epitaphs: R.I.P. — “Rest In Peace” — which beats the painfully boring eternity of Heaven for anyone with a functioning brain. PS: I think the brown dog in the image above is a male chewing on Eve, and the white dog a female. Note that Adam has a sun-tan. Eve must have been a modest girl even before The Fall! (She must have heard about what happened to her predecessor, Lilith). I digress. We love our girl, but Cheater didn’t choose to be Cheater. She just happened to turn out special. Consider the Somalian. Did any one of them choose?

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Cheater Adds Orwell to her PC Rant:

John B, our administrator LOL, and Aalborg’s #2 fan, left out “Middle Class Values” (barf!) in our Mission Statement. Anyway, here’s how the class system really works. At the bottom rung there are poor people who either can or cannot work. That would be the poverty class, and Lady Luck plays a huge hand in this. For those of you who believe it’s not luck but choice, look at it this way. If you were born healthy and with the right genes and in the right country, this is not a situation you chose. Ask any Somalian. Next up, above starving, comes the working class. If you are a plumber making good money and you think you are middle class, you delude yourself. Do you punch a clock or charge by the hour? I don’t care whether you make minimum wage or a hundred bucks an hour, you are still working class. Deal with it. Okay, so who is middle class then? People Continue reading

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